Earthworks & Excavation

We’re experienced in earthworks and excavation in residential & light commercial. Our Auckland earthworks and excavation services include general digger works, retaining walls, earthworks for new builds, general landscaping and trenching services for drain-laying and cabling.

Whether you’re looking to landscape your property, build new or renovate, come to us for a competitive quote.

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Digger Work & Landscaping

We offer digger works and landscaping services Auckland wide. Whether it’s new builds, renovations, retaining walls or just general digger work, get in touch and we’ll quote a custom package unique to your requirements.

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Earthworks for New Builds

We’re problem solvers, we understand each project is unique and create custom solutions for each accordingly. We’re cost-effective, tidy and experienced. N.E Construction offers Auckland earthworks and landscaping for new builds, trenching, pools, garden beds and retaining walls.

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Retaining Walls

We landscape and build retaining walls all over Auckland using a wide range of materials including traditional poles and railing as well as a range of unique designs including galvanised steel beams, keystones and railway sleepers as tiered and not tiered retaining wall projects.

Resource Consents  Guidelines/ info

Every project is unique. While some projects do not require consent, some do, your local district plan should generally be consulted beforehand. You will likely need consent if your retaining wall is over 1.5m high, or has a building or driveway coming within 1.5m of the top of the wall.

If you’re unsure and would like some more information, check out the Auckland Council’s guidelines here.

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